Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hi it's me

Hi, I'm Cosmo. My owner is Sharkbait.  I am a golden retriever. I have six brothers and sisters.  There is Scarlet, Joy and Rosebud, They are my sisters.  Then there is Boondocks, Kudzu and Oh-no.  My very best friend in the world is Sharkbait!!!  He is my owner, yes, but that doesn't matter. He can still be my best friend.

I love to play fetch!!  We come in and play, play, play with the ball. Me and my brothers and sisters love to play together!!!  We go swimming with our six humans. Yes, we do have six humans. It's seven dogs and six humans. Rosebud belongs to Southern Jewel. Joy belongs to J-man. Scarlet belongs to dad. Mom has Boondocks and Oh-no. Kudzu belongs to CJ.


  1. Cosmo, we look forward to hearing your thoughts and opinions!!

    Boondocks & The Love Shack Pack

  2. Hye Cosmo, I didn't even know that was you cause of the Sharkbait thing. But then when I started reading and found you had Boon as your bro and Rosebud and the rest, I knew.


    Lookin forward to hearin from you.


  3. We love meeting new golden retriever friends! Love your hat!