Sunday, November 27, 2011

Angry Birds

Angry birds is a cool game you get to play.  You get  to fight green pigs, there is a blue bird, a red bird,  a black  bird, a white bird, a yellow bird.  The blue bird turns into three different birds. The black bird blows up when you click it.  The red bird goes fast when you click it. The white bird shoots out eggs when you click it. The yellow bird fast like the red bird when you click it.


  1. I like to help my mom play that on our iPad. Especially when I saw one level where those pigs stole WATERMELON, my very favorite thing EVER!!! I like the black bomb birds best; what's your fave?

  2. I like to watch the angry MAGPIES out my window! Mostly those birds fly away fast when I BARK at them!

    Probably not as cool as your game though!